I started working out with Sara over two years ago. Due to my work schedule, I had stopped working out and was badly out of shape. Sara sat with me and we discussed my goals and she designed a workout plan just for me. Sara has a super easy going personality, an incredibly healthy life style and enough energy and enthusiasm for the two of us.

Sara makes getting up and going to the gym easy. Each workout is different and builds off the previous workout. Her workouts are designed to challenge me and to push me just a bit further each week. She also switches up workouts from high impact cardio to strength to keep me from getting too comfortable and if there was an exercise I didn’t like (say burpees), she would swap the exercise out for something else (one that was usually I hated more!) She has an innate  ability to understand what her clients needs and what will work for them. I highly recommend Sara to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer to meet their fitness goals.

- Anne B., HR Specialist

I have been working with Sara on and off for the past two years. Clearly, I am in better shape during the “on” times! What I love about working with her, which makes her different than so many others, are the following three things: (1) Sara keeps everything fresh and interesting, making each session new and fun. I never get bored by a session, and if there’s a particular exercise I can’t do or don’t like, she’ll quickly adjust to give me the same conditioning using a different move. As I like to workout outdoors, her ability to make the world into a gym is awesome! (2) Sara is more than a trainer, she’s a nutritional guide. Her food recommendations, strategies for combating my sugar binges, and encouragement for me to stick with my food plans have been so incredibly helpful. I can’t tell you how in love I am with her Almond Milk – Chia Seed pudding. Meets every craving I have for a sweet desert while giving me key protein! (3) Sara really accommodates her sessions to the needs of her clients. I want to become a marathon runner, I want to be lean and strong, and Sara incorporates moves into the trainings to accomplish that. Right now, I can’t workout rigorously do to medical reasons, and she’s adjusted my plan accordingly. She knows when to push me, and when enough really is enough.

But beyond all of that, Sara is just one of those people who is so incredibly supportive, inviting, and encouraging, that you can’t help but feel great both before, during and after the workout. I truly look forward to my sessions and am thankful for her support in helping me to reach my goals. I know she’ll get me there and it’s great to have her as my secret weapon.

- Julie L., Global Product Manager

“I live in Boston but frequently visit New York for work. Every time I come to the city, I make it a priority to book training sessions with Sara. I’ve trained with many others in various cities – San Francisco, Denver, Boston, and New York – and I can say that Sara is the absolute best trainer I have ever worked with, period. She is extremely motivating and puts together amazing workouts that get results. Not only are her workouts effective, but she is also an inspiration to be around and work with. If I could train with Sara every day, I would!”

- Cindy S., Advertising Executive

I reached out to Sara a few months before my wedding hoping to lose a quick 15-20 pounds. After initial discussions of my goals and timeline, she suggested we commit to 3 sessions a week for the next 8 weeks to see optimal results.  I really had no idea what I was in for since the only real work outs I had done since high school involved running a few miles. I just wanted to get “skinny”.  After the first 20 minutes of my first session, I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it through that session- much less the next 24.  I’m not sure how she does it, but Sara has a way of making her clients feel powerful, confident and in control of their bodies.  She pushes you to your limit and doesn’t allow ” I can’t” as an answer.  She was exactly what I needed!  Not only did I lose the 18 pounds she promised me, but I also toned muscle that I hadn’t seen since I was in high school.  Thanks to her, I also lost 4 inches in my waist and felt beautiful on my wedding day.  Thank you Sara for changing my life!

- Lia S., Advertising Executive

“Sara has been my personal trainer for the last few months. In this capacity, she was responsible for creating and implementing a custom workout based on mhy short and long-term physical goals .
As an avid user of personal trainers, I have extensive experience from which to assess the performance of other trainers. In my opinion, Sara is successful because she is thoughtful, judicious, and consistently demonstrates a balance of both exemplary technique and communication skills. Sara would make an ideal trainer to anyone seeking such services.

I hold Sara in the highest regard and fully expect her to continue achieving significant accomplishments in the future.”

- Greg H., The Henson Group

“The best thing about training with Sara is seeing the results.  While overall I’m a healthy and active person, I don’t push myself when I workout on my own.  Not only does Sara help me push past my comfort zone, she makes it feel so effortless. Suddenly, I’m super fit!  She knows what want, and is constantly checking my form to ensure I’m doing things correctly and getting the most out of my efforts. Efficiency is key, especially in early morning workouts!”

- Alexi M., Type A Health Coach

“I’ve worked with several trainers over the years and Sara stands out among them. She’s all about making each workout–and each move–dynamic, so that you truly get the most out of each session with her. I was very happy with my results and I continue to use some of the routines she taught me. Plus, Sara has amazing energy and is generous with her vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Ask her anything!”

Tali J., Executive Editor